Some fascinating websites to kill your free time

Some fascinating websites to kill your free time

Lately, come up with a huge amount of free time due to the pandemic and lockout. One of my new hobbies is spontaneously surfing cool and interesting websites on Internet. Just after a few times, I was totally surprised because of how creativity people can make. There are tons of astonishing websites out there.
You don't believe me? Check out some websites below, see how cool they are. More interestingly, they are just sands in the desert of Internet, a lot of awesome websites are still waiting for you to discover.

1. Species in pieces 

Have you ever heard of golden lion tamarin, african penguin, greek red damsel or rainbow parrot fish...?

Those are some name I picked from the list of 30 endangered species. How do I know that? Surely from this website species-in-pieces. This website showing 30 endangered animals are put together by exactly 30 pieces. It also includes information like dates of discovery, histories and more if you are have more intesresting. It could be a good pieces of nice to know things.

2. Gravity Points 

One of greatest work I have seen in codepen. Basically, Gravity Points simulates the effect of gravity the effect of gravity by visualizing floating objects moving toward gravity centers. Which you can create by clicking your mouse on screen. It's mesmerizing, visually interactive and simply take your time unnoticeably.

The more gravity centers you plot, the more these forces will start to compete, making your screen all the more chaotic. And yes, your gravity points can absorb one another to create a black hole. It's outer space right there on your computer screen..

3. Will you...? 

At first glance, this website looks quite simple with a question and two options for answer are Yes and No. Users can not choose No because the button is constantly moving away when it is hovered. Simple and quite interesting, right?
I wouldn't list it here if that is all it had. The fascinating part is, when clicking the menu symbol at the top left of the website, there is a menu allowing you to customize the question, answers and more. Then, you can save your creation and share it with friends. Do you have any questions and would like to ask them in a creative way? Then, let's open and make that happen.

4. Bruno Simon 

This website is a next level portfolio that has totally crushed my intention of making a portfolio website for myself. It is so cool, full of creativity and interactive. I am not sure how much effort has been spent on this website, but after checking it, I want to throw all my online CVs to the trash immediately. -_-

How could you make such a briliant porfolio like this man?

5. Particle love 

Another mesmerizing website to end this list here, and it is the champion undoubtedly. I think this website does not need much introduction, just open it and prepare the WOWs.

Particle Love is a series of WebGL particle demos created by Edan Kwan. All demos are part of his WebGL learning process for him to understand what can be achieved with shaders. The demos include some interesting graphics techniques he always wanted to try out, like SDF particle physics with Leap Motion, real-time 3D metaball rendering, multi-directional motion blur, etc.

They are just some websites I listed here for example. Have you astonished yet? Well, there are still a lot of them waiting to discover.

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