What advice would you give to a younger person?

What advice would you give to a younger person?

If you can read this post, there are always other younger people than you. They may be relatives, may be total strangers. Let's say you have a chance or obligation to give advice to them, no matter publicly or personally. What would it be?

This question just popped into my mind and keeps me thinking about it. Well, just splitting out kind of normal, straightforward advice is a safe and good way to go, like "Just live as who you are, be confident in yourself", "Cherish the time you have with your family", "Be smart in financial management"...

But that is too easy, how about spending a little moment to think about it? Is that what you really want to say, do you satisfy with that advice, how would you think if an older person gave it to you?

So, how to give proper advice? You might ask, I have no idea, too. But, given the question above, I would come up with advice like:

1. Be responsible for yourself. It is all up to you.

If you play video games, you can do almost anything you like regardless of the law, ethics, or dignity... If things go wrong, just simply restart the game and try again. Life is not like that, it is an unique game that gives you infinite circumstances with a lot of options. Most of them are irrevertsible. We can not come back to the save point and attempt again.

Be careful when playing your life game, you might neglect some side quests, but never losing focus and enthusiasm on the main quest. Try to think at least twice before giving decisions, always consider multiple perspectives and, most importantly, be responsible for your decisions. Don't think you can count on anyone or simply agree because others think it is right. One or another way, at the end of the day, you are the one who takes the most responsibility for any outcome of those decisions.

2. It is okay to not perfect, but at least make it good.

When you have a task either for work or personal business, how do you target the result should be? acceptable at a certain level or requirement, or it must be perfect. If you always try to reach perfection, then you can skip this advice because we already have the same mindset.

Remember when I was younger, when receiving a task at work, I always try to make the requirements as clear as possible and follow exactly like it. It is good, of course, because it is the purpose of requirements. But as of now, I always target everything I do must be perfect, good is just the minimum acceptable result. I always reconsidering solutions that have been made, analyzing and predicting how they will fit into a constantly changing world. Our world is always moving, things that are good for today can be obsoleted at any moment afterwards.

If you are easily satisfy with what you have done or already have, you have accepted the possibility that you could be out of date someday, and maybe worse, be replaced by a better one.

3. Don't spend money on things you don't really need.

We spend money that we do not have, on things we do not need, to impress people who do not care.

Remember that quote by Will Smith from The Pursuit of Happiness? To be honest, I have been like that, spending money on flagship phones, good outfits, trending sneakers... I thought they could boost my confidence and help me earn admiration from others. But, what is the benefit of it? Nothing. Would my life be worse without them? No, moreover, it could be way better if I used that money wisely. Buy a present for my parents. That could give them an unexpected precious moment of happiness. Invest the money, and now the result could be enormous. 

But, how do you define things that you really need? You might wonder. Just start thinking like a minimalist and apply it to your life. You will soon realize how simple your needs are and how easy it is to suffice them. When I consider buying something or not, I think how I can utilize it in the future, how many times I will use it. Would it be suitable for most occasions or only for some specific purposes? Like I have a party tomorrow and I need to buy a new outfit, is that really necessary?

4. Think out of the box, but inside a bigger box.

We are always encouraged to think outside of the box. It means don't limit your thinking to a certain scope, always try to come up with creative and innovative ideas. But that doesn't mean we should think about solutions that are technically impossible to process. It is good to propose new ideas, but those ideas will just lie on paper forever if they are not practical.

For example, we have a plan to have more trees in the office, instead of finding a plant supplier, asking all employees to find a favorite tree and bring it to the office is an idea I would consider an out of the box idea. But if we plan to build our own garden, grow trees from seeds and expect to green the office from it. That could be out of the bigger box since that idea is not practical and unrealistic given the situation.

5. Don't let your money sit idle.

If you don't have any saved money, that is unacceptable, go back and read the third advice above. If you do and they all lie in your saving account, it is not good either. Always think about how you can make use of it, invent to yourself by registering for a course and learning something new, invent to some businesses to quickly increase it. Don't be scared of losing it, even if it does happen, you still gain experiences. They are more precious than the money itself.

And, of course, thoroughly consider before inventing, use them wisely.

That's it, they are not sound like remarkable or impressive advice, but simple and realistic. How about you? What would be your advice? for me, perhaps.

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