Soul (2020) - a good dose for lost souls

Soul (2020) - a good dose for lost souls

For the record, recently, I have been watching a bunch of "average movies" until Soul since I am gradually running out of ideas for good movies. Well, if you are constantly watching movies like me, you will find yourself in the same situation as well. But it does not stop me from the passion for cinema, thankfully, Soul is a really interesting element that comes at the very right time to remind me why I am in love with it. It has been a long time I got that feeling, so comfortable and relieved, a million thanks to those who made this movie.

Let's take a brief introduction about Soul. Ray Gardner, an ordinary Jazz musician is being invited to perform in a gig with other professional musicians. Thinks he has finally achieved the purpose of his life, but doesn't he? Okay, I think that is enough, just watch it and find out yourself. So what I am gonna write now...!? Ironically I have nothing to tell and also many things at the same time. It is hard because I want to explain how good Soul is but do not want to reveal too much, hehe.

Pixar is still worthy of their brand. Meaningful content, impressive and beautiful graphics, and the music is needless to say, everything contributes to a great experience. I don't know how to explain this feeling but I bet you all have been through it a lot in every little moment. When you taste a good dish, enjoy good times with friends and family, or simply the weather just suddenly feel so nice and comfy. Life is beautiful that way, there are many chances to achieve happiness floating around us. But do you have a moment to notice, recognize and reach them when occupied with thoughts, work, responsibilities? For those who are struggling in adulting, or midlife crisis and have forgotten to enjoy life, this movie is an outstanding inspiration. Think you are living a pointless life or everything is just neither too good nor too bad? Soul will make you think again and it will surely a better perspective.

I want to avoid spoiling the movie too much so that can ruin your experience enjoying the movie and make this is a bad review. So, I have to talk about something else but relevant to this subject, otherwise this will be too short and supposedly is not a good review. How about remember to when we were a child when everything is so exciting and magically intriguing. Happiness such simple like that. But on the other hand, adulting is not that bad. Imagine you are playing a game and along with your level increases, the challenges become harder and harder. But if you realize, the prizes are also bigger and the feeling when being rewarded is better appreciated. 

I have no idea what to continue writing. Anyway, I think this is enough to share a good movie. Finish this post and arrange time to enjoy Soul, I will say no more, it is a good movie, period. 


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