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Online tool for converting Weight measures

Weight - the force at which earth or any other gravity generating astral body attracts objects, it’s a vector value. In common use weight is often confused with mass.

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carat to gram converter
1 carat (metric) is equal 0.2 gram (g)
gram to carat converter
1 gram (g) is equal 5 carat (metric)
gram to grain converter
1 gram (g) is equal 15.432358352941 grain (gr)
grain to gram converter
1 grain (gr) is equal 0.064798910000002 gram (g)
grain to newton converter
1 grain (gr) is equal 0.00063546023075152 newton (Earth)
newton to grain converter
1 newton (Earth) is equal 1573.6626016979 grain (gr)
pound to tonne converter
1 pound (lb) is equal 0.00045359237 tonne (t)
tonne to pound converter
1 tonne (t) is equal 2204.6226218488 pound (lb)